Need urgent help! [ PSU issue ]

Ok so a few weeks ago I asked what would be a really good efficient Power Supply for my system. It is my gaming PC and work station.

My current graphics card is a GTX 560.. so I bought a GTX 680 classified.

The conclusion was to buy a Seasonic 360W 80+ gold PSU ... So I went and got one.

little did I know that my 560 takes two 6 pin PCI connectors to power it. 

The seasonic only comes with one 6 pin PCI connector and an 8 pin.

How would I fix this if there's such a way because no doubt the GTX 680 will require the same as the 560.


please help all work/gaming is halted since that is my main rig.



I would get at least a 400W power supply with a 680 just to be safe. 360w is pushing it.

The 680 isn't here yet but how would I know if I send the 360W back the PSU would have two 6 pin connectors?? Is there anyway I could order another 6 pin PCI and install it?? £50 down the drain if they don't refund it. :/

You can get molex to 6 pin adapters

Oh thanks! didn't know that due to my hardware noobyness! :D 

would you recommend any particular adapters?

big thanks again!

probably the molex adapter is included with the GPU. with Radeon cards they are!!

Probably, problem is though I need my system up and running ASAP so ordering a replacement for my GTX 560 till the 680 arrives is the only thing I can do :P ( I don't have the 560 box anymore )


Who in the world told you to get a 360w seasonic for a 680? 

Anyway molex to 6pin adapters -->

But all higher power cards come with at least one of those in the box so you should be fine.

EVGA GeForce GTX 680 Classified Graphics Card Unboxing

i personaly allways recommend a 550W/650W psu´s for most systems. reason for that you have allways plenty enough power, and they are on a reasonable price range.

My 680 FTW+ (EVGA) came with a molex adapter; I'm guessing the Classy does too. It should be in a ES package covered in EVGA logos on one side.

"the card comes with two 8-pin connectors. Factoring in the power it gets via PCI Express, the Classified can draw up to 375W"

unfortunately those are not going to be any help to you as thay are not molex to 8pin

Brennanriddell said I'd be ok with a 360W PSU :) .. so I should be in safe hands? :P

I won't be adding anything like extra Hard drives etc because video footage can be deleted if need be.

And if I do upgrade it will only be the Motherboard & CPU.

Am scouring the internet of my local PC shops in town looking for this PCIe adapter as I can't wait till my 680 gets here with it's extra adapter  due to homework! :D ... Currys doesn't seem to have it in stock in my local area so am as well to just order it.. so hopefully a little PC shop will have one handy so I can collect today and get things back up and running :D

-thanks again guys.

It can run off of a 360W PSU, but in terms of connectivity, it looks like you're at a loss. I account for a 6 pin and 8 pin when I think of GPUs. If you can't find, or don't feel like going for the molex option, I am happy to buy that PSU off of your hands, though ;)

Here is an 8 pin to molex adapter; only $9 - well worth it to keep the super tight efficiency :)

I suggest you get a psu witrh more power - gameing load power draw with that card is higher than your psu.

(total sistem power-sistem test ntel Core i7-3960X @ 4.3GHz - Motherboard: EVGA X79 SLI - Samsung 470 (256GB) - G.Skill Ripjaws DDR3-1867 4 x 4GB)

It use's more power than a standard 680 or a 680FTW

And this is the card overclocked 

That is with an overclocked 6-core Sandy CPU; with Haswell, the power draw will be considerably lower, around 45W or so, at stock Haswell clocks.

That still dosent give you any head room especially when evga recommends 38amp's on the 12v rail and 550w (the seasonic just dosent have the amps(30) even tho its a nice psu running it at 90-100% its not going to last long 

I will try the molex option first. If I was to sell it it would need to be for the price I'd bought it for since it is brand new ( I am from Scotland so P&P would need to be paid by buyer ) .. If it doesn't work with the GTX 680 when it comes I will get it refunded and buy a higher supply.. Copperman, what PSU would you recommend ( it needs to be really efficient ) It should handle by GTX 560 in the mean time. 

Stick with a seasonic if you realy what to keep it close grab a 450w BUT it will not have x2 8pin connectors for the video card.

You will find it hard to get a psu that has x2 8pin connectors thats less than 500w's

Could I not just buy a molex to 8 pin adapter if I bought the 450W ?? 

Yes but those adapters are cheap and often tacky your adding a extra link in a power cable that dosent need to be there (just something else to go wrong)