Need update

  I have been thinking of putting some money into a light coin or other alt currency since before Christmas. Back then it would have been good time to start. I'm not so sure now. I might have around a thousand dollars to put into something now. I just want to be sure there will be a return on investment.

Are the gpus to expensive now, or is the difficulty to high?  I have been expecting the difficulty to spike but don't know how to go about checking or interpreting. Also if you have  any good links to trusted sources I would be most grateful. Can be hard to tell who knows what there talking. about anymore. 

Electrity is free,but i don't want to take advantage of the person paying the bill. Can anyone comment on how bad its been for them?



Get a dedicated crypto-currency card, an asic card i believe, that doesnt use much power and its like 100000 times more efficient.

It doesn´t work on lightcoin, bitcoin works though.