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Need to upgrade from 1700X (24/7 Workstation VM´s)


Hi folks
My setup B350M Pro VDH ryzen 1700X/64GB RAM/1TB SSD/1080ti
Mostly used for virtual machines 24/7 and some editing now and then, gaming not that much nowadays.

I have to run lots of win vmware instances with a specific app. 2GB RAM is enough for each one.
IM getting to the point of having 90% RAM usage,lots of swap% and CPU also not stable anymore. Im able to run around 30 instances before getting into trouble.

My options right now are :
Threadripper 2950 X / 2970WX
AMD EPYC 7351 / 7401P

I will also add more 64GB of RAM and more storage. NVME´s probably not worth it?

Each VM is pretty light, not much clock demanding.
Would I be better with the 7401 24core Epyc in this case since it has more cores and the capability of increasing beyond 128GB Ram in the future if needed to?




When you pay for this yourself, then I would say Threadripper.

For production/business environment, I would strongly recommend Epyc preferably in a Dell/HPE/Supermicro prebuilt server.



If its a valid option for you do it boo.