Need to mod h110 to fit phantom 820 HELP

Guys I didn't know that corsair h110 wouldn't fit with the phantom 820. I figured it would as the corsair h100 and h100i do fit. I'd like to avoid drilling as much as possible (none preferably). It's my first build and everything was going quite smoothly up until this. I'm only 14 so my access to tons of special materials / equipment is low. Thank you for all responses in advance. Oh and as far I know since it was already shipped, opened, and not defected I can't return it.

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The Kraken x60 fits in the 820, and that's a 280mm CLC. You should be fine with the same size h110 :/

I recently read on tom's hardware that it doesn't fit for some reason.

I was trying to find where it would mount on the case and couldn't so I looked it up and tat's what I found. Are they the exact same size? Thanks for responding so quickly.

JUst read into it. It's the fan spacing. I would have made the same mistake, too. I thought it was the usual complaint of having a large radiator. Very few cases fit 280mm rads.

Here is a guy who managed to fit the cooler in the chassis. So it is possible. At this time of night, I don't quite understand what he is saying, though...

Anyway, good luck

That was the wrong link, can't find the right one, I'm looking right now.

This is the correct link.

^ It strikes me as a pretty simple solution ^

I managed to get everything to work ou tin the end, although it's basically being suported by 6 screws instead of 8. It's totally secure though plus I'm going to add some electrical tape just to be sure.

I have this same issue only I am extending the slots on my 820 via drilling. I don't like the idea of having my rad supported by 6 screws when about a minute or two of drilling solves the issue outright. I just wish that NZXT had extended the slots on the case outright as their is room at the back on the sheet metal to make those slots a good 1/4" longer which is all you need.