Need to let PIA let individual sites pass though

I’d like to use PIA but I can’t get my spectrum feed bypassed just to watch tv because of regional restrictions, Ideas?

From searching, Max P said, “PIA’s main purpose is to encrypt and anonymise your traffic while also uncensoring sites if that applies to you. Our services are not designed or intended to be used as a way to bypass georestrictions…”


So I’m not sure if it’s possible to use the software to get around a regionblock. Although that was posted back in 2017, so things may have changed.

Probably because it’s locked down to the account’s registered region? Wouldn’t surprise me if they wised up about it.

He isn’t trying to get around a block, he has Spectrum and they’re blocking him from streaming their content when on the VPN because he doesn’t look like he’s coming from his house.

To fix that, you need to setup routes for Spectrum that don’t use the VPN. Google for methods people use to do the same thing for Netflix, which aggressively blocks VPNs.