Need to format this drive, help?

alright so ive been messing around with Ubuntu on a laptop a friend gave to me because they got a new one, 


I have installed several different versions of ubuntu but I always selected the erase all items and install option, 

but not I tried to install Lubuntu and it says I cant because I dont have 8.6 gigs free which is one of the requirements to installing it.


how can I format this drive or erase everything on it so I can start fresh? its a 160GB Wd caviar blue scorpio.

I tried plugging it into a free sata slot on my mobo but it didnt even apear in my windows explorer, although intel rapid response said it was there and told me all about it.


any ideas or insight?

You need to go into Control panel then Adminstrator tools , Computer managament , disc managment. You should find it in there when you plug it into your MB then just format it from there . I think that should doit i may have gone the long way around but thats the way i have done it ;-) 


Sorry for any spelling or grammer mistakes they kicked me out of school !

alright, I formatted it, but I still end up with something a little confusing. Disk 3 is the WD caviar blue scorpio drive. its a 160gb,, but I still have a weird 1014 un allocated bit. cant I make the whole drive one big free space rather than 2 different partitions?


Picture to what im saying^

I think it's single right click on the unaclocated disk and delete that volume , Then single right click on the formated sector and delete that volume then it should allow you to format 1 large partion. If i am incorrect i am sure someone else will jump in to expalin what to do "dont whoever change any settings in the drive" 

yep that worked! :D


fresh install of lubuntu is installing now :)


Thanks for all the help and hope you get unkicked from school :P

Glad it worked and i could help and a touch to late to get unkicked from school if i went back now i would be a adult learner and i am to old to go back lol ;-) .