Need to find some parts for a project

Working on a project that I am having some problems finding 2 main parts for.

a compact 1080P video (30+fps) CCD with a wide angle lens.
5" 1080P LCD/AMOLED display.

Anyone have any ideas where I could find these for a fairly reasonable price?


Would you be okay going to something iPad sized for the screen, without the bezel they are quite small but maybe not small enough.

I as as there is a kit to connect iPad screens to PC over display port.

There might be something similar for smaller screens but I have no idea. You will be looking g for a display board or display driver board for screen model X if you Google around.

Sorry I am not much help.yet, what us it this project will do or be and I might be able a little better.

Nope, need it to be 5" diagonal or a bit smaller, think galaxy s4 screen. used to have 4.5" & 5" super AMOLED displays & display driver kits but like most things, when I need them I cant find them.... -.-

Nope, need it to be 5" diagonal or a bit smaller, think galaxy s4 screen.

Have you tried ebay ( or equivalent ) to see if you can pick up a dirt cheap S4 thats "Broken" but still has a good screen etc?

Maybe something with a borked usb port, or fried in some way that doesnt effect the screen?

Okay sorry about that. If you find that display board for the s4 screen give me a shout.

nope, Myself and fleabay are currently in a long standing dispute.
(long story but they tried to claim extra fees in excess of the ones agreed on on a sale [1 month later], then banned my account when I argued the point)

I would tell you guys what the project is because it's pretty damned cool but I cant because it's an upcoming product I am designing to sell, and I don't want possible competitors with more resources than I have stealing my idea.

lets just say it is for improving visibility in situations where visibility is severely limited. that's about as descriptive as I can get.

Cool, I hope itnworks out and if I find anything I will let you know.

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