Need to decide on a CPU for LiveStreaming please help!

Hello everyone,

I'm going back into livestreaming and I'm currently using my Lenovo Y500 and I'm planning on building a new desktop in November and I was look at reviews and such for the best hardware for streaming for my budget and I found this video and after seeing this I started to question how this is even possible considering Logan's video about the FX 8350 and the i5, i7 3770k, and the i7 3820. Now I will make this clear I want people that have both used an FX 8350 and i7 3770k/4770k and tell me what your experience was with both CPU and give me a idea of how much better the i7 is. If you only have one of those CPUs you can help by telling me what your experience is with the CPU you have. 

Hopefully you guys can clear this up for me, cheers!

I've used an FX-8350 (brother) and a 4770k (friend) and I can say that if you're on a 60hz 1080p panel, you won't notice much of a gaming difference BUT when you get to livestreaming, the 8350 does win there in terms of fps. The 4770k is fine for livestreaming, but the 8350 is arguebly better for a lot less money. 

This is kinda odd, I have used a FX 8320 (Stock speeds w/ a 7870Ghz Edition) in the past and it was not bad but my mobile i7 3630qm (@3.4Ghz w/ 2x GT650m) seems to be streaming better in general with less problems the only thing that the desktop streamed better was Battlefield and the Dolphin emulator everything else runs smoother on my laptop with a higher encoding preset and bitrate. 

oh no not those tech yes bullshit movies lol. FX83xx are awesome cpu´s for streaming, especialy if you take the price point in concideration. Techyes is a noob has no idea what he is lurking about ☺

Just watch his power consumption statement, in the clip, then you now what a noob it is. ☺

Which cpu is better for you depends on the game´s you play, and what you wanne stream, and which software you gonne use for streaming.. if you play older games, or games like arma dayz lol wow, those games have a very bad optimized gaming engine, to use multiple cores, these games in particular prefer intel´s single threaded performance. But most todays and upcomming games, will run just fine on both intel and AMD. and if you gonne look into the streaming part the i7-4770K and FX8350 are both great cpu´s. not much of a diffrence at all, and since games, gonne be more and more multithreaded, in the upcomming feuture, the diffrences will get smaller and smaller. So in my opinnion both choices are fine. it just depends on how much you wanne pay.

Alright thanks for the feedback considering you've helped me in the past I trust your words. So I guess I will be getting a new FX 8350 for my next PC thanks for the help!

well its just what you prefer you know, basicly the i7-4770K is the better cpu overall i will not argue about that. But you also gonne pay the price for it.

And there is not much of a diffrence in streaming on both cpu´s. its just that some games, are single threaded, and work better on intel. that is something to keep in mind. But in my opinnion there is allmost $150 price diffrence in both cpu´s, money you can spend on a better gpu. Its just what you wanne pay in the end..FX8320 and FX8350 are basicly the same chip, so i don´t know why you had bad experiance with it in streaming? probably a bottleneck somewhere?

I dont realy know why tech yes is talking so manny crap about the amd, Honnestly Pistol is a diehard gamer + streamer, and she run´s AMD. Logan even stated that her rig does better in streaming then his.

If you realy wanne know alot about streaming, i would say write Pistol an mail. ☺

Yeah I did have problems with an FX 8320 in the past but I'm 90% something else was wrong I had many problems with that computer and ended selling it for that reason and I've used my Lenovo Y500 ever since. I don't play that many demanding games the laptop served me fine but I'm getting back into streaming again and I'm going to need a better computer for the future. The most demanding thing I do is rendering and JayzTwoCents said the difference was minimal in that task.

I stream with an i5 4670K and don't have any problems. And after quick sync gained support on OBS, its even better. No CPU usage to livestream, so my CPU can focus on gaming. Its great.

I would say to wait on this decision till after Intel's Devil's Canyon CPUs launch (June 2), they are coming out with next generation of Quick Sync and since OBS supports Quick Sync Intel CPUs may edge out the FX 83xx series, but if not go for the FX CPUs. Keep on the lookout for streaming benchmarks when the CPU comes out

Alright thanks for the feedback. I'm not planning on building the PC now just in a few months I'm just making sure I'm getting the right components.

After switching to the i5-4670k from the FX-8350 @ 4.4 GHz, I have settled upon the Intel for livestreaming. The 8350 had problems running CPU-intensive games like BF4 while recording at decent bitrates, but he Quick Sync feature on the i5 actually does work like a charm with no framerate drop!

Quick Sync works wonders with OBS, Intel for streaming.

Yeah I've looked into it after it was brought up there's no way I can logically choose the AMD now, it's really a debate of i5 or i7 but I'm leaning closer to i7 since I render a lot thank you everyone for the feedback and telling me about Quick Sync what kinda sucks is I can't use quick sync with my laptop since the HD grpahic was disable by Lenovo :/

isn't the 8350 specifically good at cpu heavy tasks?

it is,

thats why i can play BF smoothly, and do what ever i want next to it. no problems with recording or what so ever at all lol ☺ Never had frame drops.

But both chips will do completely fine. like i said earlier, if you willing to pay the extra for the i7-4770K if you also render and do some productivity aswell, then yeah why not. ☺ Asus brings out some nice rog mobo´s.

or maybe the Xeon E3-1230V3, but this cpu is not overclockable.

However, with the Xeon E3-1230v3 I don't think you'll be able to take advantage of quick sync, due to the lack of an iGPU.  Quick Sync is indeed awesome.

No the 1230v3 sadly cannot take advantage of Quick Sync because the module that runs Quick Sync is a part the iGPU

thats probably a con, but stil it has HT.

but quicksync is indeed a great feuture for an i5