Need to create 8-pin PCIe cables for custom sleeving

Hello everyone,

I need to make two 8-pin PCIe cables that aren't 6+2 for a custom sleeving design. My PSU, Corsair RM750 didn't come with any. I looked at Lutro0's pin out design for my PSU on OCnet forum and it only showed the default pin out for 8 pins to 6+2 pins. I just don't want that daisy chained look. I'd rather have two cables routed together.

RM750 Pin Out

Anyway, in the image you can see that there are two "8" on the GPU side for ground and a blank on the PSU side where the other 8 would be. I'm wondering if I can simply run a cable in that connector. Or should I run two cables from the ground on the PSU side and split them in the GPU connector? I don't want to buy a new PSU because sleeving plus the extra cables will cost about the price of a new PSU :P

Also, if anyone knows of a decent PSU tester that I can test my custom 8-pins (and the other sleeved cables) with that would be a great help. Thanks a lot!

I would suggest using a multimeter just before popping them into the hole and make sure you're giving off the right voltage that matches up with the original cable.

You can do it by jump starting the psu buy bridging the switch wire (green on 24 pin) to a ground switch and flicking on the switch in the back. Hook it up to a fan or an old harddrive or something just so it's got a load for testing.

Its ok to splice cable if you do it properly. if there is blank on psu side then leave it blank. Add extra wire to existing ground wire .Checks on youtube "Lutro0 Customs - Double Wire Guide ".Im doing my sleeving myselfs and havent had any problems with spliced cables. Just do yourself a favour, get a cheap psu tester like

to be sure that everything is fine. And double check if linked diagrams are correct at PSU side. cpu/mobo/gpu side is always the same so you will know the voltages and then track back each wire to psu. to be 100 % sure :) also make sure to use correct AWG for the load.

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