Need to block the crap from the kids!

Pretty simple. Just looking for the easiest, most effective way to block the crap of the internet from my kids. Now with them having computers, and ipod touches, I just want to be able to police them a little more (This is coming up after seeing what one of our daughter's has been searching on google). 

I have an R7000 already running DD-wrt. I'm very unfamiliar with all the settings, and maybe just missing it? I want to be able to block the kids, but not limit all the machines. I don't look up the pron... but some times I need to get through some nitty gritty to get what I'm after. heh..



Out of curiosity what was she searching but honestly I would not block the internet at all. Just sit down with your child tell her what she shouldn't look at and why, if she continues to do so then let it be I doubt it would mess her up but im pretty sure her ipod would have a parental lock and google chrome and that have great add ons for site blocking and stuff if you wanted to take the easy route.

Check out k9 its easy free ( for home use) and they have support for IOS

you can also use Open Dns on your router for parental controlls

+1 to that. My dad uses that and he's actually got it set up to route ALL outgoing DNS traffic to that server, so I can't bypass it without going through a proxy, which I would have to somehow unblock. I suppose I could use a VPN or something but I don't care that much about getting past it. Point is its not very easy unless your kid knows a lot about networking. And its pretty reliable too. We haven't had any issues out of ours.

IMHO tell her you are watching what she searches, that would probably be enough to stop it. The thought of 'my dad could see that I searched this' could make it awkward enough to be a deterrent. 

Education is the best medicine though, because no matter what you do at home theres nothing to stop them at a friends house or elsewhere except the ideals/morals/knowledge/etc you impart to them as a parent.

I am not a parent however, so maybe I am not fully qualified to comment on the subject :D

+1 Admiral Snackbar 

Especially if your kid is a teen they will always find a way around it. Educate them on what is best & that should protect her

I don't disagree with you guys. But, she's 10. I showered her ipod's mac address in dd-wrt, and told her you see this? I can see everything your doing. 

Regardless, we aren't taking her ipod, or the Internet away...just want the ability to limit what she's able to find. She was pretty upset last night when it all went down. I think we got the point across. But just want a little insurance. 

So, with opendns, can I assign specific mac addresses or IP's the use it? Or does it filter the entire network. I feel like it would want to block my regular torrent sites. Networking is a weakness for me, so  I appologize in advance. 


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+1 OpenDNS  is commonly used to filter web traffic.

You should be able to set custom blacklists and white lists along with the normal opendns ones. Then you can just unblock your torrent sites.

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