Need the best possible extreme budget build

Hey guys,

I need the absolute best budget build.

I already have an am3+ cpu, so I need the rest of the components. This is a build that Im doing for my dad..basically just need to be able to stream 1080p, use word, and play doom. 

It is not an apu..a dedicated graphics card is required.


$413 .... Asus mobo -- 8GB 1866 CL8 ram --750Ti -- 64GB SSD -- 2TB HDD for his movie collection -- Corsair PSU -- NZXT 210 case -- old school DVD player

do the old man a favor and get him COD 1 and 2 and maybe the old BF1942 or NFS get him in the game!


If AM3+ CPU is FX-8320E or less power hungry, this isn't a bad option.


I put this together: $335


  • USB 3 supported (case and motherboard)
  • decent graphics for even recent games at 1080p (GTX 750 ti)
  • 128GB SSD for faster... everything (if your dad has a lot of video files, get a 1-2TB HDD in addition)
  • 4gb of ram - That is all he needs on this system, unless he wants to edit video
  • Very quiet - case, CPU cooler, and power supply are all quiet.

there is no link

Sorry, here is a link, I also got it down to $320 with the same specs.

These are all quality parts and will give him the most performance for the system. You could even overclock the chip if you desired with this. If you don't then just remove the aftermarket cooler and use the stock one (if you have it.)

You could go cheaper on the graphics card, but this one is a great deal and will run very quiet and will last a long time.. It will play newer games at 1080 no problem.