Need suggestions on a decent inexpensive clip-on mic

Alrighty, I'll (try to) keep it short. My headset died, had a pair of ATH-M30's laying around, and feel that they are a suitable replacement on the audio side. Now I'm on the lookout for a decent, inexpensive mic for gaming/chatting to turn my ATH-M30's into a headset... so to speak. I'd prefer a clip-on style; desk mics won't work for me for comfort reasons and total lack of desk space/organization.

Take a look at the ant-lion modmic:

Though  I wouldn't call $33 USD + shipping inexpensive personally. But it is well worth it for a boom mic that you can attach to almost any set of headphones. I have one on my Sennheiser HD518's and its awesome, sound quality is excellent and its adjustable.

I've seen other alternatives such as the Zalman Zm-Mic1 $30 USD:

Haven't used one of these, but you could use the price comparison to justify buying the antlion :)



compared to the cost of my headphones ($45), I'd say $35 is pretty expensive for a mic. I saw the Zalman mic pointed out in an Amazon review for some headphones and at it was apparently $11 at the time. I probably should have been specific, but $20 is my more or less my limit.