Need suggestions on £500 gaming PC

Items I don't want to comprimise on: The case and graphics card

I was hoping of stealing the optical drive out of my laptop but i'm not sure this would work?




Uhhhh... If you're going to cheap out on the CPU go AMD you'll get a lot more bang for your buck. If not you have to up your CPU to at least an I3 or you will be bottlenecked on that card. Unfortunately I don't have much experience with AMD and can't give you any concrete sugestions.

Definitely get AMD for a budget build. Get something like a Phenom II 965, FX-4300, or the FX-6300. I recommend the last one. Then pair it up with a 970 chipset mbo, like an ASUS M5A97 R2.0, or if you can, a 990FX or 990X chipset mobo.

Then swap that 660 for a 7850, or a 7870 if you can find one cheap. Much faster cards IMO, especially the 7870, which can beat the 660 Ti and kisses the heels of a 7950 and 670. 

I kinda stated that I didn't want to change graphics cards and the phenom is slower then the G860

The Phenom is on par and/ or better than an i3 in games. An i3 is faster than a Pentium, so I'm thinking the 965 is faster than the G860.