Need suggestions. New Budget = $698 give or take

Gaming pc, editing, recording, so on and so on. BF3, Black Ops 2, Minecraft, any good video games nowa days. School work for when I go to college for maybe graphic design or something. 

This is the best I can find close to my budget for a decent 6-core processor. Any suggestions welcome as long as it's within budget. 

Also, are all these parts compatible? And would everything fit inside the case well? If this build is decent for now what would you recommend I should upgrade to in the future? I may also crossfire once I have more $$.

Is there a way to go cheaper for better? Like is there a better video card for cheaper?




At the moment thw Corsair 600W 80 plus brnz has a $20 mail-in rebate, so its cheaper than the 500W atm, total steal since you said you might do crossfire in the future

you can now afford a 7850! :D

and i switched the drive to a caviar blue 1tb. I had a caviar blue and it ran for years without problem, and I'm sorta iffy on seagate's stuff.


I'd like to really really thank you for helping me afford that 7850, the 1TB HDD, and especially the PSU. Oh my god. <3


I'll see if I can ask to borrow money just untll the mail in rebate comes. Hopefully I don't have an issue with that. People say they do all the time.

Or a 7950

you're welcome, I hope everything goes well!

Which would be better Z? The 7950, I assume. (I'm a noob)  Let's just hope I can afford that. i still need $5 for a debit card and $6-8 for the flash drive. Hopefully I can gather some $$ for this.


By the way what's bottle-necking?

I can't go without the monitor so the other GPU will have to wait.

Bottlenecking is when one or more components is/are holding back one or more of the other components in the system. Like when you use a high-end graphics card with a low-end CPU, which is the most common case. Think of the CPU as the mouth of a bottle, and the card as water. The more powerful the CPU, the bigger the mouth. So a low-end CPU will have a smaller mouth than a higher-end CPU. The bigger the mouth, the faster the water can come out. The flow of water is the performance of the GPU. So a low-end CPU( mouth) would only let the GPU performance( water flow) out slowly, while a higher-end card can release it faster. Hope that makes sense.

And yeah, the 7950 is faster. The naming is like this. ( For Radeon cards) The first number is the generation the card is from( a 7870 will be from the 7000 generation, a 5870 will be from the 5000). The second is the series quality and product category( high-end, middle-end and low-end). The higher the number, the more advanced/ powerful it is. A 7900 series card will be stronger than a 7800 series card, which is stronger than a 7700 series card). The third is the quality/ performance of the card relative to the series( the second number). In the 7800 series, a 7870 is more powerful than a 7850. BUT it's only relative to the series. So a 7870 will not be more powerful than a 7950. If I remember correctly, since the 6000 gen,  the third digit will be either 50 or 70. But the dual- GPU cards will have 90 in the end( again, if I remember correctly). For NVidia, it's basically the same, except it has one less digit. The first is the gen. Then the second is the relative quality/performance to that gen.   A 680 will be stronger than a 670. Then they usually release a titanium version( Ti) to the 60 and 50 model cards. They are stronger than the base ver, but still weaker than the next card up. A 660 Ti is stronger than a 660, but not a 670. Then for the dual-GPU cards, they also use 90.

Oh, you need a monitor? Sorry, then, I didn't really check. Wait a bit, I'll revise mine

Do you have a TV with a HDMI or something like that?

Try this

I'd hate to loose the 6-cores, the mobo, and the ram for the GPU you provided. Would it be possible to go with my original build then crossfire 2 gpu's to be about the same as the  Radeon HD 7870 GHz Edition 2GB Video Card? Or just save up $ all together and upgrade anyways and sell the old one?

Well, a single-GPU configuration is always recommended more than a multiple config one. 2 7750s will be slightly cheaper than a 7870, but it will be slower. 2 7770s will be around the same price, but the 7870 is still faster. Plus( though I'm not to sure about this), 2 7770s/7750s will give you only 1GB of video ram( Vram). If I'm correct, even if you have two 1GB cards, it still only gives you 1GB, not 2. So I'd suggest to get the 7870. Getting the 6 core doesn't really add much, so here. If you can scrape a few extra bucks, the jump from a 7770, and even a 7850, to a 7870 will be great.

BTW, what do you mean by sell the old one?

Even if I can't find a few bucks would sticking with a 7770 or 7850 be okay for now and decently good in everyday games? 

Like if I use a 7850 then sell it on craigslist when I have more $$ for a 7870

The 7850 will totally be enough for gaming on one screen no problem at all, I believe you'll probably be playing on medium/high rather than maxed out settings.

Yes, having enough money, then selling your old card is what you should do to upgrade, but really, doing that just to take one step to a 7870, I wouldn't, I'd keep saving and eventually buying a much higher performance GPU.

Oh by the way would you recommend this?

I could save $10 through combo deal but it has bad reviews on Newegg but it also has good reviews. 

Asrock is a brand I'm quite skeptical about. (this is jusy my opinion you don't have to listen to me)

I've become very iffy about Asrock's quality or the way they ship their goods.

Logan has an Asrock and in videos he said he loves it,

so maybe take a leap of faith..because that's what all of us do hoping to not get a DOA.

Let's say I can't go with the 7870 or 7850, would this still be good?


MSI R7770-2PMD1GD5/OC Radeon HD 7770 GHz Edition 1GB - (   )

I heard this Overclocks well past an XFX Black Edition or whatever it is. 

a 7770 is still a good card and it'll play your games obviously just tweek with the graphics settings on games. I only suggested the 7850 because you said your budget was 698 but I forgot to take into account of the money you need before the rebates

I read that MSI Afterburner is a great software for OCing

Okay thank you so much. I'll be going with the MSI R7770-2PMD1GD5/OC Radeon HD 7770 GHz Edition 1GB for now especially since it's pre-overclocked and I can play with afterburner. Later on when I get a job this year I'll totally get a 7870 or 7850. :) But yea I still need $13 to spare for a flash drive & prepaid debit card.