Need suggestions for a new case

Hey y'all! A friend wants to build a gaming rig, and since he is on a budget, I want to help him out by giving him my CM Storm Stryker.

So now I'm looking for a new case, and I'm looking to spend up to $200. I'm looking for something with good airflow, so filters would be great, but then again, I could always buy Silverstone filters. Top filters do not matter since I have the H100i exhausting air out. Big side window is always nice, modular cages. big and roomy as well, and of course, good cable management. One case on my list for sure nails all of them, and that is the Air 540, but having options is nice. Also, maaaaaaybe the 760T, but that would be just for the looks. Any suggestions would be great, thanks for reading!


Cooler Master had a few new cases at CE, one of which was similar to the Air 540 with the big wrap around window. I'll see if I can find a link and edit it into this post.

For a regular mid atx case the Fractal Arc Midi R2 or Define R4 with the window might be worth looking at.

Edit: HAF XC full-ATX mini-cube

The coolermaster HAF XB is a cube case (like the air 540) but laid on its side. It doesn't have a window, but mesh on the top, facing your mobo. It has awesome air cooling capabilities like the air 540 for a lower price. Just another option, but from what you listed, the 540 sounds like the way to go.

Define r4 windowed

This looks cool, the window is super nice, the 3D mesh looks nice, bah! Now for a release date and pricing.

I've seen this, just never really looked into it. I do know some have replaced the top mesh with a window though, which looks nice. I'm going to look it up now. thanks!

I currently Have an NZXT Switch 810 which is good but  I want something else for no good reason.  I personally am leaning towards Corsair's Air 540, Obsidian 750d or the announced Graphite 760t.  The Define R4 also has my eye.  NZXT just announced and I believe are  selling on their site the H440.  OC3D tv just did a review and it looks awesome.

NZXT h440

yeah that is a nice little case. But I wonder how it does with air cooling. I really like the red version.