Need suggestion on these builds

I will be buying a new computer soon, done some research, and here's what I ended up having with the amount of money I have. The 2nd one is a gift for my brother, I don't have much left, just something that can replace his Pentium 4 PC. Any suggestion/lesson would be grately appriciated!

PC 1

Motherboard: ASRock Z77 Extreme4

CPU: i5-3570k

GPU: Sapphire HD Radeon 7970 OC

RAM: GSKILL RipjawsX 16GB (2 x 8) 2133

SSD: Crucial M4 128GB

HDD: Seagate B. 72k rpm // 2 Terabyte 

PSU: Seasonic M12II 620w

CASE: Radmax Agusta 605w Mid Tower

PC 2

Motherboard: ASRock FM2A75M-DGS // CPU: AMD A10-5800K // GPU: Non-ref 6670 DDR3 // RAM: GSKILL ARES 8GB DDR3 1866mhz Cl9 (2x4gb) // CASE: Raidmax SUPER VIPER 321  //HDD: Seagate Sata 320GB

Pretty nice stuff, just a bit of tweaking.

PC1: pretty good stuff. After looking at the motherboard, I can see why you might want the extra RAM, but I don't think it would be worth it to get 16. 8GB is all you really need in gaming, and you have enough left over for other stuff. You would be better off geting some cheaper RAM, and maybe a sencond SSD to run in raid 0 (double speed!). Also that ram is not really compatible with your system, it runs at 1.6v, on intel (and AMD?) you can only have 1.5v. It's also excesvely fast.

Also, do you really need two TB? thats alot, and you can always upgrade later (and for cheaper).

PC2: Pretty decent, not much to say.


For PC2 i'd get an antec 300 case (not the mark 2, you dont need them fancy usb 3.0 doohickies)

Except, I do believe that that mobo has a 3.0 header

then mark 2, the difference is $10

Agreed, the Antec Three hundred two is a very nice price. Linus's videos are very good, and should be watched.

Thank you for the feedback UberFefa!!

I won't be solely use this machine for gaming, I will also be doing some video editing. Is 8GB also enough for video editing?

Also, what RAM can you suggest as a replacement for that uncompatible one I posted.


Thank you again buddy! Appriciate the help

If you are only doing realitvly lite video edditing (a youtube chanel), then you should be fine with 8GB.

Thanks again!

One last thing. Would it be more powerful if I grab an AMD CPU that have the same price point as the i5-3570k since I'm getting an AMD GPU? Maybe something like the fx-8350 then crossfire it with the HD 7970? Can I do that? What do you think?

No, get an i5. It has no affect on proformance and (at least for gaming) intel is better.

well I wouldn't say you should buy an intel cpu for gaming, because a regular quad core amd one works just fine for gaming, does not impact performance whatsoever...just lay off of the apus and you should be fine. try looking for a phenom x4 or quad core piledriver or something in that general area. 

for the pc on which you'll be editing videos (pc1) I do recommend an i5...better price/performance ratio.,3328-14.html 

On Battlefield it looks good, but on Skyrim it tanks. I would play it safe and buy Intel. I love AMD, and I would love it if they came out with a gaming processor, but theise just arnt it. Maybe the Phenoms, I haven't really looked at those.

a friend of mine has a phenom x6 black edition...skyrim runs just fine...wasn't it a driver issue? 

Was it? I didn't see that, but then again I haven't read it since it was published. But still, 68FPS is still good, just not as good as the i5