Need Sturdy Headphones!

Ok, I go through 2 headsets a year if not 3. I am getting tired of them breaking. I have tried all types of brands and have paid $20 to $145 and yet none of them last. These are things I use every day. I am tired of them breaking all the time. Here is the 2 things that always break. The plastic that is around the slit that allows you to adjust the headphones. This is 75% of my headphones breaking. for some reason it likes crack and break off. I can tape or glue it back to together but then that ear muff part will no longer hug the ear so it feels strange and anything from that side sounds slightly off. 

The second is something will disconnect with the cord. No Idea how but next thing I know I lose sound in a side. This problem is not a big deal because with those 2 year plans they replace them but stores refuse to replace the physical damage. 

Please, I need something I can get that will last, I know you get what you pay for but I really cannot afford anything over $100 atm. The longest lasting ones I had where these cheap $20 ones at Wal Mart that have vanished and I cannot even find them online. 

This last pair to break was 4 months old and were Turtle Beach X12, before that was a Razor Kraken, loved that headset I still cry sometimes.

So Any suggestions for a Headset that can last. I take care of them I always have the extra cord tied up nice and neat. It has a special hanging spot next to the PC. I do not get why I have bad luck with headsets.

Well the longest lasting headphones I have are Sony MDR-XD100. They're pretty cheap and although plastic, well built.

They sit nicely around the ears (even with my massive head). The audio reproduction is good, but can vary between audio sources and the quality of your sound card.

I've had nothing but luck with my Sennheiser headphones. The HD280 Pro's can be had for less than $100, and are a great set of cans. Even though they are all plastic, compared to say the Beats headphones, they are WAY more durable, and sound much better. Seriously, if you break a pair of Sennheiser headphones, you are just doing something wrong.

EDIT: Also, if you need a mic, the PC320 ($120) is a great starter, as well as the UC320 ($170)

If you are terrible to headphones look up V Moda, you will thank me, seriously they will never break unless you hit them with a metal bat or run them over with a car