Need steam friends!

I need some steam buddies! All my friends are console gamers leaving me alone.. so! My steam name is, DaPhuk. or TwistedCyclonee. Thanks!

I am in the same boat as you Ill Add you. My Steam Is IronHyde_, I like to keep things the same across the board :D <--- Accepting New Friends as well


Same here all my friends are on consoles thinking it's cheaper,
so i'm bit lonely at PC gaming  my steam is : subzero2rad, " please add me " ^_^

also if you would like to know what games i play take a look at the link below

thanks a lot 

hi there again,
I added you all and i would like to tell you my gaming time which it's mostly from 10:30PM to 12:00AM
my local time is : GTM +3 and yes i'm from Saudi Arabia,

Hey, feeling the same around here in the East Coast. If you want to add me my steam name is multigirman or POLO SLAPPEMS' .

I mostly play games like TF2, BF3, Fallout, or just generally any game that seems to be different from others.


feel free to add me steam name is betrator. I game alot looking for people to play with

Add me anyone here it's fun to play/slay with others


STEAM ID: dark_wolf564

It sucks dosen't it ? Anyways, I added you all! Thank you ! I hope we can play some games soon :P

Same thing for me,

all my friends are waiting for the next gen consoles, while I'm already gaming at 1080p @ 60Hzs

looking for new friends to play killing floor, borderlands 2, ect to play with

steam id:

left over name from live




Added you all, my steam is "verbindingsfout", maybe its helpfull to make a steamgroup just for the teksyndicate users.


Would be nice

We have 3 steam groups.

Official Groups:


Steam name- Futurestep

Thanks nice sum-up

Hi all,

I could really use some new Steam friends as well. My user ID is ShyBlue. I have gone ahead and sent invites to everyone above my post here. Be great if you can accept them ;)

Hi add me if you want. My steam id is jeremyl1991