Need some making a custom window for my case

So about a year ago i bought my cpu, case, and mobo. I'm gonna be building my pc today ( Didn't notice how bad the window was, so i'm probably gonna end up cutting a part out of the side panel and making my own using plexi glass. My Dad has a grinder, so i can use that to cut through it, but since im cutting out the old window, how will i attach the new plexi glass to the inside of the case? Will i screw it in or use something sticky? or what? 

my case 

and the part im going to cut out (roughly)


Well, since the edges might look bad after you cut the panel, even after grinding/sanding them, you might want to find a really small tube and cut it in half, so you can put it over the edges. This will hide the marks an make it more finished in my mind. If you are lucky you can find an already cut tube in some hardware stores. After that I guess you can just glue the plexi to the tube with superglue. The actual plexi won't be on the same plane as the side panel though, because of the tube.

i think they sell kits to make your own case window. i did this before years ago to an old steel case i had.

U-channel like this would cover that edge after you cut the hole. Also there are some guide videos from that guy aboutdoing that if you wantto checm them out.

Thanks, ill check it out.

some manufactures (like lian li) have panels you can buy separately.