Need some information regarding several CPUs

Okay, so recently, a new version of Athlon II x4 CPUs were launched, and are based on the Trinity core, the same in the most recent Fusion series, those Athlon CPUs being 740 and 750k. In benchmarks they scored well, but as always the benchmark performance and real life performance are not the same. I wonder if they perform better than an Phenom II x4 965 or against an AMD FX 4100 one. Did anyone get the chance to test them or so? And if yes, which one would you say that was the fastest?

Phenom 2 x4 965 is the fastest because it has the L3 cache ( I think L3, dont quote me ) And the Athlons ii's don't. Bulldozer (The 4100) performs about the same as the phenom ii but runs a bit hotter and is only faster in the cache area, but in games, its slower. Considering all are around 100 dollars and all overclockable, buy a phenom ii or 4100.