Need some help

Hay new here but I need some help,   (I'm uk based)
Problem is I want to go itx due to lack of space, I have been looking at the following build
I3 haswell (on sale under £90)

gtx 660 or 650 ti boost

120gb ssd  

Now I know every one is going to say get an i5 well the cheapest I5 I can find in the uk is £130 and I am on a budget due to lack off funds.
but the other reason I picked the i3 is because the games I play I tend to play older single player games
(dawn of war 1 and 2, [email protected] series)

I do admit I prob will buy metro last light and crysis 3 but more for the single player mode now.
as for multiplayer games I play the following

torchlight 2
borderlands 2
nazi zombies 1 and 2 and some times black ops 2

I don't care if I cant get  60fps, I don't care if I cant play in ultra just as long as my game looks good and smooth I don't mind turning things on low.

 Just I want to make sure this build is fine..just all my friends keep saying buy a fx or i5..but I want itx so fx is out the window and Iv looked at reviews using older i3s and in most off the games I play the i3 seems a good option 


if i look at the games you wanne play i would realy advice to go with an i5 ☺ About the GPU a GTX660 is better then a 650ti but if you could afford a GTX760 then i would recommend that, or a 7950.

what is your totaly budget?