Need some help with RAMS :)

Hi there . I'm 60% done with my PC build and I was wondering what type of ram should I get for my pc :) . My current PC build is : 

Mobo : Asrock 990FX Extreme4 (Have it)

CPU : AMD Athlon FX-8350 (Have it)

Cooling : Corsair Hydro H100 (Have it)

Case : Zalman Z11 Plus (Have it)

GPU : 2xGigabyte HD7950 (Have it)

PSU : Corsair RM850

SSD : Kingston HyperX 3k 120 GB

Memory : ??

So the parts left to buy are : SSD (I know what to buy) , HDD (Same here) , PSU (Same) . My only concern are memories . So basically at first I want to buy 8GB of ram and at my next paycheck add another 8 GB . I'm thinking of buying some Corsair Vengeance or some Kingston HyperX memories . The thing is that I see these memories at different frequencies (1600 , 1866 , 2133 ) . So let's say I buy the 1600 MHz one , can I overclock it afterwards to 1866 or 2133 . Or what's the benefit of buying a higher MHz one . Could you guys help me out ? I thank everyone in advance :)

If you are using the computer for gaming mainly then there wont be much differences in the speeds and 1600 will be just fine, how ever the speed can help with renderings, so if you will be doing video editing and such you may want to get a higher clock.

I've seen some benchmarks that prove a lower CAS rating can give you slightly better performance, but not much. Something to consider.

Yeah but you guys didn't asnwer my question :) . If i get the 1600 MHz Corsair vengeance let's say can I OC it later to 1866 or 2133 or it's not possible

You might want to stay away from overclocking memory as it won't really benefit performance much if at all. If you're just gaming you'll only really need 1600 mhz. 

cheapest "name brand" ram with the best cas latency to speed ratio that has a life time warranty.