Need some help with new pc build/transfer



Back in 2012 I purchased a Dell XPS 8300 and did a few upgrades since then. here the following specs


Windows 8.1

Intel® Core™ i7-2600 processor (8MB Cache, 3.4GHz)

8GB DDR3 SDRAM at 1333MHz - 4 DIMMs

ATI Radeon™ HD 6870 1GB DDR3

Kingston HyperX 3K SH103S3B/120G 2.5" 120GB SATA I (For OS and some games)

500GB - 7200RPM, SATA 3.0Gb/s, 16MB Cache

Blu-ray Combo Drive (8X BD-R, DVD+/-RW)

Thermaltake SMART 750W SP-750P Power Supply


Im looking to upgrade my GPU to the GTX 980, but the dell case is not very big and there is literally no airflow. Im not even sure the new GPU would fit. I've also heard rumors that the new card may not work with the dell bios for some reason? 


I was wondering if it would be possible to take all of these components out of this case, buy a new better case and motherboard and re build the pc? Do you think the CPU is still good enough to keep in the new build?


If this sounds like it could work, what cases would you recommend? sub 100 dollars? also motherboard recommendations? 



yea you can take it all out and get a new motherboard just make sure the socket is the same and i think this case willl work.

Hi, here's my take on this.

Your CPU is still absolutely fine. If you look for a new motherboard, consider the MSI Z77A-GD55. But be quick, they are getting rare. Maybe you can find one on Ebay. I'd also get some faster RAM.

I can personally recommend the ASRock Z77 Extreme4. Absoutely fantastic motherboard. I would also recommend the Corsair Obsidian 450D, you will be hard pressed to find a better case for the same price.

Yes your fine. The case depends what your looking for. I tend to stick with Fractal Design and Corsair cases lately. For work I have to use Fractal Design because we buy our stuff from Puget Systems. But still good cases non the less. The look may be to minimalist for you.

Motherboard for Z77 I would stick with Asus, and if you go for higher priced boards for other features like SLI or a gaming board. Asus, Gigabyte and MSI are all good at these price points. 

But nothing will bottleneck. Your looking on 0 to 2 FPS difference on most games when it comes to your CPU and a new i7. For CPU intensive games may be a little more like 10 to 15 for something simulation heavy. But very few games do that.

I was playing Metro last light. And I was still getting 30 FPS on max setting with my wimpy 100 CPU.