Need some help with a build

Hi im just wondering if i should go with the 8350 or the i7 3770k for a gaming pc.


thank you

go with the AMD, unless you are willing to pay a lot more for 4 -5 frames

AMD because.. umm.. 8350 is a bigger number than 3770.. but then again it has "k" at the end... That means it is 3770 "thousand." .. Which means it's 3,770,000 versus 8,350... OMGOMGOMG!



are you serious? thats not how it works

It was sarcasm goddamnit, learn how the universe works OKAY

Try that at a job interview, let me know how it works for you lol

Just joking, I hope you understood he didn't really mean it. My profile pic just goes well with those words.

lol me too, but I hope this guy gets the point from all our joking. Hell you could even go with the 6 core instead if its just for gaming

Thanks for clearing that up. I often find it difficult to differentiate a forum post and a job interview.

I'm such an idiot. You know the other day, I tried putting socks over my hands..And while I was doing that, I thought to myself "Well this isn't right."


i7 3970X is the best choice.