Need some help resetting my BIOS

I have an ASUS m5a97 le r2.0 and i pulled the battery out for a few minutes but when i booted back up afer replacing it the bios forced a recovery and redid all the ocing AI Suite 2 did. I want to start from a clean slate and oc it myself so does anyone have any idea how to get around this?

In the BIOS there should be an option to load default settings or something like that. Select that and it'll reset all your settings to factory defaults. That way, you won't have to take the battery out everytime.

The button to reset to defaults is usually F5 for Asus boards. Make sure before you press it in the BIOS though.

Thanks mate. worked like a charm. turns out AI suite had also underclocked my RAM to like 1000MHz so thats back to normal now too.