Need some help picking a Psu for a new build

Hey guys,

I need a little bit of help picking out a 500W PSU for around $50 (the lower the better though). I would really like to get something of above average quality for the price range. The PSU does not have to be modular at all to satisfy me but if someone manages to find one that would be great. The estimated wattage of my system on PC partpicker is 310W but I would like some room to grow in the future (which is why I went with 500W) but if someone can convince me to put it down to 430W I would go with that. I am asking for your help today because I really know next to nothing about power supplies (ie, which ones are good and which ones are garbage or have a bad reputation and almost every one that I've looked at has had really bad reviews of people saying it shorted out and destroyed the system). I really cannot afford to have a PSU die on me on day one or even a couple months down the road (college budget). Any help is appreciated and I will try my best to be on here often so that I can answer any questions that you guys might have for me.