Need some help picking a DSLR

So I finally decided to get a proper camera. I never really had a camera before. I mean any camera. Smartphone cameras are about the only thing I used for photos. So I don't know shit about cameras, lenses, any of their advanced features. Sure I know about megapixels and exposure, but, not much else. 

Basically, what I want to do is make videos for YouTube, filming Android devices. I create themes on Android and post their setups on my tumblr, so I want to make video overviews of those themes, and maybe hardware/tech reviews.

My budget is around $800-850 (maybe I can push to $900 if it has something special). I've been eyeing the Canon T3i and T2i, as they have some great reviews, but then there's the question of which lense I should get with that camera.

Any help appreciated.