Need some help on 2011 choices

So, before someone says "Dont go 2011 if your only gaming!!!"  Well, i need expansion slots, and i do render and edit a bit on the side.  Now that thats out of the way, i have no money for a 4930k .  Its pretty much 4820k, or 3820.  Just what motherboard should i choose?  I need cheap solutions.  No 800 dollar dual cpu workstation motherboard, no asus rog rampage extreme black edition.  Are there any boards in the 200 dollar range?  If not, ill just go with the cheapest asus workstation motherboard.  Ive built in them, i like them.   Thanks everyone.  If i missed something, let me know.  Im typing this up going as fast as jesus on a motorbike, so i probobly did miss something.  Thanks!!!


The only 2011 board for under $200 is a Biostar and it would be wise to avoid it. I would just grab something like this if you're looking for cheap

can you be a bit specific in how manny expension slots you need? and also for what do you need them ?

  1. Gigabyte GA-X79-UP4
  2. Asrock X79 Extreme 6
  3. Asus P9X79
  4. EVGA X79 Classified
  5. Asrock X79 Fatal1ty professional

Here is a list of boards in the sub $200 price range. the Asrock Fatality pro is a very nice one, but also the most expensive one in this list. Maybe the EXtreme 6 is on a nice price point. depending on your needs of pci-e lanes, and expension slots. or maybe the EVGA Classified.

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