Need some help of picking a new keyboard and mouse for gaming

Want to spend no more then $120 for mouse,keyboad, and mouse pad all for 120.I was looking into a razer naga hex I found one on ebay for 55 (I play LOL alot).also was looking at razer deathadder dont know what to get?(like I said let me know if know of better for the price)

ty you guys for the in put sorry for puting in cpu spot but know people look at cpu more the other stuff sorry


Don't buy razer the build quality on their products is stunningly poor.

you think so ? did you have razer stuff or ever bought something from them ? just want to know.I know alot of people that love razer so that is why I want to get razer.

But I think I know what I am going to get (just going to wait and save)

razer naga hex

razer pad

razer arctosa

     Normally I would recommend the SteelSeries 6Gv2 keyboard, but it would eat up 2/3rds of your budget. I will definately recommend the SteelSeries QcK or QcK mini mousepad (depending on your desk space); both are solid quality-wise and are about $10 each.

     I wouldn't say Razer is terrible, but I use a Razer Abyssus, (which granted is about the cheapest they make) and while it doesn't feel like it's on the verge of falling apart, I wouldn't say it feels very well built either. You certainly can't go wrong with the Logitech G400 for a gaming mouse.

     I seriously recommend you do not get the Razer Arctosa. From what I can see, you will be paying $85 for a membrane keyboard, which means you are getting seriously ripped off. You should go with a mechanical keyboard if you want a good keyboard that will last for more than a year. If you are going to get a keyboard that price, get a SteelSeries 6Gv2. The thing is built like a friggin' tank and will last for over a decade, easy.

I have a deathadder and dont buy into the crap Build Quality, some stuff from them has sucked (not to sure about the naga) but my deathadder has survived a good ammount of abuse and some spillage!

I found a razer arctosa for 55 on ebay brand new.the mouse pad is like 7 bucks on ebay with shipping.Now goin to be getting a g500.What do you guys think of g700?(only 60 on amazon).Can you guys find me keyboad for about 70/80 wih shipping (plzz only amazon / good sites don't want to buy from site that is not well know) (if you think the g700 I should buy make the keyboard abot 60) if dont mach up with g700 make 80/70 doller keyboad.(sorry for being so picky just someone who needs help sorry) but ty you guys for the help I mean it

A Rosewill mechanical keyboard is a good option. $70 on Amazon for a full mechanical keyboard with NKRO (or anti-ghosting as marketing likes to call it) for 6 keys if plugged in through USB and all but one in PS/2. Build quality seems decent, and you get genuine Cherry MX switches. You can get one in any of the 4 major "colors" of switches; I would recommend either Black or Red for gaming (the only difference is the force required to press the key down. Red is extremely light, Black is heavier).

The keyboard may not look like much but believe me, once you type on it, you won't regret it.

edit: Actually, the Cherry MX Red version is only $60, so I would go for that one over the Blacks. Also didn't notice this before but the keyboard has a removable cable, so if the cable breaks (which is almost always the first thing to break on a mechanical keyboard) you can replace it with any mini-USB-to-USB cable. I might pick up one of my own with Blues for typing.

was looking at this keyboard might buy

What exactly are you looking for in a keyboard? It would be a lot easier to make suggestions if we knew that.

I dont want mechanical keyboard (i know a lot people say best keyboard i never tryed them but from the looks the keys might to high for my liking that is why I don't want to get mechanical keyboard) looking for flat keys like a laptop.(this is for gaming by the way) Sorry for not more info on what kind of keyboard I wanted hope this helps.

might get this keyboard


if can find beter one around the same price let me know 

one more time ty you guys here for all the help sorry for being so pickey 

In that case, the Logitech G105 would be a really good option for you. It is normally $60, but Amazon has the Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 version on sale for $28. It has pretty decent reviews, and is definitely comparable to at least the Thermaltake, minus the fan.

I had a Razer Lycosa, Razer Mamba, and I've used two of their differant mechanical keyboards. If you notice the people who love razer are mostly kids who think it'll increase their K/D or somthing. 

The only one of those I wouldn't be against is the Naga, It's really the best mouse for MMO's I just think it looks hideous.

Deathadder is one of their few mouses I support, It has a great build quality and the laser sensor on it is actually quite good.

I think I am going to be buying this keyboard after all sorry for all the keyboads I said I like but I like this one

but let me know of keyboards that might be better for about the same amount of money.


(also just want to say just bought a g500 mouse from best buy for about $40 good deal on amazon there like $50) love this mouse