Need some help choosing new speakers

Hello, I'm looking to purchase some new speakers for a Desktop PC style layout. At first, I was thinking about the Corsair SP2500. They are suitable for a Desktop PC layout and people say they produce high quality sound. And, at the end of the day, that's what It's all about! However, someone on the forums suggested Microlab Solo 7C's. I had a look and people say they're a bargain, excellent sound and quality. But, they're MASSIVE. And, one reviewer suggested you have them 8-10 feet away from you to get the best out of them. And, I cannot do that, unfortunately. 


So, I'm looking for some high quality speakers that are suitable for the Desktop PC layout. My budget is around £200 maximum. They need to be optimal at 4 feet away maximum (not at the other end of the room). I listen to acoustic, folk singing (Ben Howard type) stuff. Thus, I do not need blaring bass. However, I'd like it. 

Finally, I do notice good quality speakers from bad. Therefore, I will be able to appreciate them; I would like the best I can get for my money.



I'd greatly appreciate any input. 


I own the audioengine A5's, quite happy with them, they produce enough bass without subwoofets for my usage,

The audioengine a2 are a bit smaller and cheaper.

The reviews are good all round.


Hope i could help you

I read a review of the A2's (as they're within my budget). And, they say they aren't good in the fidelity area; not what I'm looking for. They also say that for the price, there are better. But, what are the better options? Any idea?! 





Maybe check out linustechtips, he did a desktop speaker comparison.

Corsair sp2500, audioengine a5, bose and more...

yes, the a2 are quite small for sounding really good,

my A5 can literally shake the tiles from my roof without sub :-)

i heard good things about KRK with the yellow speakercones too,

The only problem is that the A5 are too expensive, the A2 aren't good enough (according to plenty of reviewers). So, are there any other speakers that are suitable for me?

KRK Rokit RP5 G2 is rated quite good on amazon

I think they are good speakers for there price.

KRK is more studio-speaker oriented, not like corsair, logitech...