Need some help choosing a gpu

I have a A10 6800k but I'm not sure which gpu I should get to get the best performance out of my build. Any help/advice would be welcomed.


(Motherboard:Ausus F2 A85-M PRO / Memory: G. Skill 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3 2133)


Not looking to spend any more that $150

are you upgrading or still planing a full build?

It's a completly new build (my first).

if you have a budget of (rough estimation from what you've already said) 300 for cpu+gpu then an apu isn't the awnser

i'd look at a fx6300+m5a97 r2.0+7850(or 7790 if there's no 7850s on sale)

I would prefer not to spend more that $150 on a gpu, but if I have no choice then I'm willing to invest some more cash into my build. 

I already purchased and installed all the compnents I need except for the gpu, I just need to figure out whats the best gpu to get, with this proccesor. 

So a radeon 7850 or 7790 would be compatible and do a decent job at running modern games?

i misunderstood, i'd say stick with what you have