Need some headphones

Ok so i am in the need of some headphones since the ones i am currently using are being held together by tape. My budget is around a $100. comfort and durability are a high requirement since i am kinda rough on my headphones and i use them for a minimum of 6 hours a day. Any recommendations.

First, because this is a better reference than what I have to say:

As for my own opinion...I would say the Steelseries Siberia is a good option. Sound quality is pretty A-Okay for the price, but what I like best is the fit. Clamping force is pretty minimal which is nice for long sessions with the headphones on. They are also open back which gives some air flow, again, making them good for long sessions. Construction is pretty tough too - hardly any rigid parts other than the cans themselves.


thank you will look into it.

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I used my studio headphones with a Mod Mic to make my gaming headset; way better than any gaming headset.

I would read about the differences between "open" and "sealed" headphones and figure out which fits your needs best.


  • Pro's
    • Sound amazing, more open sound stage and bigger sound. These are closer to "speakers suspended next to your ear" so it sounds more like you're listening to a good stereo than headphones.
    • Ears stay cooler since hot air can vent
  • Con's
    • Other people near you can hear what you're listening to
    • You can hear what's going on around you. (not good in noisy environments)


  • Pro's
    • Tight sound, can be more "flat" response and will have much stronger bass than open design.
    • Isolate's surrounding noise... (good for live mixing, airports, loud workplaces, etc)
  • Con's
    • Can be uncomfortable since the muffs must press tightly against your head to sound good.
    • Air inside can get pretty warm... headphones can get pretty uncomfortable as moisture builds up.

The dollar store has ear buds, the other 99 dollars can be spent on beer


recommend something semi-open?

Superlux HD 660 if you can find them. Dirt cheap, good and sturdy. But oops...they're closed back.

Sony mdr-7506 is my personal favorite at the $100 price point.

Agreed, good beer too.