Need some good, cheap Speakers. (Under $20)

What's up, Tek Friends?

I'm moving in a few weeks and unfortunately have no room for my Techwood stereo system (we've had it for for 15 years or so) in the same room as my computer. The stereo system is going to be in my living room. 

I need some fairly small speakers that sound good and are decently priced (preferably under $20.) They don't need to have a 8hz - 40KHz range or anything like that, just need to be clear-sounding and well-priced (and not look like shit on my desktop.)

I was looking at these Logitechs from my local walmart (link). Anyone use them? Any help?

Thanks for any help, guys.


I take it you're not going to use them for anything else than say voicebooks? :) If you're actually going to listen to music on them, and you got space, you should seriously spend the little extra, you can get good sound for ~55$ (that's NOTHING). Amplifier, speakers

I have those S120 speakers. I use them at work instead of the laptop speakers they work fine the are definitely lowend.

I just want some clear sound for when I'm playing my games and watching shows. For music, I'll just walk into the living room and turn on my stereo or lean back in my chair with my Vertex headphones. 

I'll repeat myself. I just want clear-sounding speakers for gaming and TV/Movies. Mostly gaming.