Need some general help please

I was wondering if anyone could please help me with this problem. I am in the market for a new laptop that I will use for general multimedia uses as well as some Skyrim and Counter Strike gaming. I am not looking for something ridiculous, but just a laptop that will allow me to game decently as well as have a good display and overall being a decent laptop. ANY HELP would be great. Attached is a link to where I'd prefer to buy it (as I am Australian and they offer 48 months interest free).

Took a look at the website and well, the options and prices there are shit.

What you should look for are:

  • 1080p (full HD display) IPS display
  • Atleast 4 or more GB of DDR3 (preferably 6-8GB)
  • GPU 570M or better, anything up from 80 in the chart will do fine
*Didn't add a CPU to the list, because when it has a GPU like 860M or something, it most definitely all-ready has a decent one in it.

I did a quick google and saw that offers a lote more variety so i wold preferably pick something from there instead.