Need some free games suggestions

Ok i have moved about 25 miles from where i work,and i car has broken down and it has been in the shop for the last 3 weeks while they try and find what is wrong,and i have been stuck staying at my grandpa's place(which is in the town i work in)but i am stuck away from my rig,and i am getting bored to death,i am able to get on my grandpa's pc but all my games are with my rig.

So i need some free game that can be easily be installed and uninstalled,cause he does not like people downloading stuff on his pc.

Also here is the pc he has so you know what it can run.

rusty hearts F2P steam

emulate games from you child hood

megaman zero

Metal gear solid

Paper mario I and II

conkers bad fur day

banjo kazooie

banjo Tooie

megaman X

Final fantasy IV, V, VI

Wild arms

Golden sun

Super metroid


"please only emulate games you own and support the official releases"


Download the free remakes of the King's Quest games, they're really good and require such little space.

I am guessing games i used to own don't fall under that lol,cause when i was a kid a family stayed at our house while we were away and they stole and sold all our games.

I have been wanting to play it agian,but to get a copy on ebay is like $80 and i don't have that lol.

A good Fps shooter I play is called Crossfire.

Here are the requirements -

 If you try it add me IGN : ScoobieDoo

I put that for legal purposes, but really support the developers when ever you can if you ever pirate

also the humble indie bundle is up so you can get some games under 6 bucks

maybe APB reloaded and blacklight retribution?

Here is a complete list of freeware games, most of them are pretty old so they shouldn't be an issue for your grandpa's PC.

edit: I forgot to add the classic rockstar games as well