Need some advice!

Well, I was saving to buy a case, cpu cooler, and mobo upgrade. But as i checked newegg today I noticed that the lovely zotac 780i in my shopping cart has been de-activated, god damn it! Now I need a good ATX mobo that supports a Pentium D to put in a antec 300.

Help is much needed and appreciated.

Thank you,

Fuck it, i'll just buy a XFX 780i from tiger direct, hopefully Logan wont kill me.

Yeah the XFX one is fine.. Never really had any problems with it.. (well I have had problems with it.. except that it was a faulty cable that roasted it)

Ive heard the xfx support in USA is shit. I don't know about that since I live in Norway and we use the store we bought it in for support.. :P

Lucky, I knew this one hot Norwegian chick once.

yes their support does suck but i doubt you will have a lot of problems with this board.

Wanna buy mine?

put money down for a evga.

I have a XFX 780i, and havnt had any problems with it ae!

No difference.. at all. Except for service and support, but nothing is gonna go wrong with the 780i.. unless you order it from newegg (booooooooooooooooooooooooooooya)...
Newegg gives you used shit.

But yeah.. whatever costs least..

Cool, thanks for the advice man.

I would but im getting it in a combo deal for a good price, but thanks for the offer man.

pentium d?


Yeah it is pretty facepalm stat, but it was cheap and im not rich. I'll slowly progress to a q6600

sell stuff for a q6600

No. go e8400


My opinion is biased tho because I have one. The chip I got is running quite cool and is an easy overclocker...great CPU.

P5 series from Asus on my other computer running p4 3.0 Gh :)