Need some advice with Mice

Hello there, I'm new to the PC gaming world and was looking to upgrade my mouse. I've been searching around and cannot seem to find one, or I may not really know what to look for. I'm trying to keep the mouse $50 or under and also have at least 7 buttons.


So far these are the ones I have come up with:

Logitech G500 (older model)


Sharkoon Drakonia


Steel Series Kana


Mionix Naos 3200


These are only the ones I have thought of, if you know of any other mice that would be better for the price please let me know. Thank you in advance!

Mionix naos was $30 on newehh yesterday :( is reliable


sweet thanks!

No problem

i'm real happy with my steeleseries sensei

Personally I really like thermaltake mice I really like the coating they use on all of them.  Also logitch has well build mice 

I use razer (deathadder) but I am thinking about switching to a g600

do you think the older model g500 would be worth it? or should i just go for a different mouse?

Your decision, but are you claw, palm, or fingertip grip?

I am with Nick Fury. For 45 dollars you can get the steel series sensei raw. Its a no nonsense mouse but it is supposed to be a good one. I suppose whether it is worth getting will depend largley on if you are willing to put up with gloss black or not as didnt see the rubberized one on newegg.

i guess im between claw and palm. I grip the sides of the mouse in a claw form but my fingers kinda lay flat maybe a bit of an arch. But this may be due to the mouse I am currently using, it is just a simple Logitech Wireless mouse used for travel and stuff like that.

Alright, thanks for the input!