Need some advice for diablo 3

I got D3 the day it came out,i play it for a while then got kinda bored and did not play it much after it beating it on inferno and all of a sudden i was dying to easily i came back for a little and worked a little on my gear,and it got better,but i was still having some problemswith dying ,then the expansion pack came out i got it and played it a little while and it was fine at first,but i started getting into the first real missionof the new act,and then i started dying WAY to easily,i might survive if i got to a portal,but if i am not able last up to 2 minutes running away(if i am not far i can mabye run back to town),but if i at all get trapped and surrounded i die within 30 seconds.

Idk if it's my build or gear,or i am just horrible please help me.

Here is my main guy i run in D3.

Ohi have tried asking for help with stuff on the D3 site and in game but they an not very helpful.

gota work on vitality, life on hit and life regeneration .

same thing with my demon hunter, i have an avg million damage but i die in one hit in torment+

just gota keep playing and collecting better gear and try to transmute your gear for better stats i just mentioned. wish i could help more.

I honestly think he is just playing at like t3-t4 or even higher is what is wrong...... My wizard can solo t3 fine.... with almost no life on hit or health regen due to his damage output. Pure glass cannon. I would say drop the difficulty down to normal till you have around 700-800k dmg on your character chart. Then you jump up to Master mode till your around 1mil-1.2mil without modifiers. Then step straight into T2. T2 is the sweet spot for gear/speed ratio. Once you have closer to 2mil dmg and a ton of mods you can push up to the harder torment levels. 

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My guy is far from the best, and his sheet is a lie. Fully buffed he is at 1.2mil dmg and +45% arcane dmg and +20% arcane torrent dmg. He hurts stuff. Especially in AE fights which is what you need for torment.

Just need more practice, and work on your life stats.  You may be playing a level or two too high as well (which is how I play, makes it more fun to me, but maybe not to others)

The only answer to all Diablo 3 problems is Torchlight 2

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