Need (Silent)Case Advice

I'm pretty much done with a budget gaming build.All I need to decide is the case ...I would like to get a case that is as silent as possible,without hurting the airflow and getting my system temps up.I have been loking at CoolerMasters Silencio 550...but there is not enough holes and air flow
This is my build.....I need advice on a good case

CPU:FX 6300                                                                                                                       Motherboard:Asus M5A99FX PRO R2.0                                                                                 GPU:Sapphire PCIe 3.0 HD7790 1GB GDDR5 DUAL-X OC
                                                RAM:Kingston 8GB(2x4) 1600MHz DDR3 HyperX 1,35V 
                                                        HDD:Seagate SATA3 500GB 16MB Barracuda 7200 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    So I need a case that is as silent as possible,without hurting the airflow and getting the temps up.Also I would like to spend as little as possible on it 


You can use the silencio case.

Get 2 pressure optimized fans at front as they will draw air from a restricted area.Have psu face up so it helps exhaust air.

Just don't expect great temps.You can get a define r4 if your budget allows.

I don't think going with Silencio 550 would the smart,and sadly r4 is out of my budget...where I live it costs just under 200 $ 

Are Zalman Z5 plus or Z9 plus any good ?

I personally wouldnt trust Zalan cases just because I havent seen many people actually use them, even on the interwebs. The only person I know that uses a zalman case is my one o my friends, and he hasen't been having the best possible experiences. Also, you wanted a silence optimized case, wich the zalman is not. I'm not sure if you know this, but if you check, on one of the sites (NCIX I think) the Fractal Design Definr R4 goes for about $80, Wich is only about $15 more than the Z5, but is silence optimized, has better asthetics, and is built with Fractal Design's signature excellent build quality. And if you are from outside the statres and need a good budget case, my pick would be the Corsair Carbide 200r. I hope I was of help.