Need Sanity Check for Entry Level Custom Server

Hello everyone,

I need to buy/build a server for work which meets the below specs;

  • Quad Core Processor 2.1ghz (minimum)
  • 8gb Ram (minimum) ECC
  • Raid 1 configurable(compatible with Linux Centos OS)
  • Dual redundant power supply if available
  • NO operating system required.

I have a budget of about 1300 USD and after looking about have found some options which are listed below. What would you guys recommend?

I appreciate any help, thank you.

  • PowerEdge T150 Tower Server with a Intel® Xeon® E-2314 for about $1,153.29
  • ThinkSystem ST250 V2 with Intel Xeon E-2314 for about $1,493.86
  • Build a custom ryzen with ECC RAM (not sure how good it will work but from what I have been should be viable pcpartpicker dot com/user/gueboom/saved/dPPBqs $821

Precision 3650 Tower Workstation | Dell USA if you need ECC and don’t need iDRAC.
From what I can tell (you might want to look into it a bit more) adding 10$ seems to enable vPro support which is KVM-ish if that’s something you want.

Relevent link: [SOLVED] Is there an idiot's guide to vPro / Intel AMT usage?

W-1370 (8 cores), 16Gb of ECC memory, no HDD/SSD sets you back 853$ on Dell’s own website.
That includes 3 years on site service (-30$ 3y ProPlus support if you don’t want it)

Might be an option?

Thank you for the suggestion, I missed looking at the precision line of workstations. Like you mentioned ECC is a requirement while iDRAC, IPMI is not.

You can get a TrueNAS mini with those specs for around that amount: TrueNAS Mini