Need Router Advice

I’m using a D Link DIR-600 Router at the moment and the Wi-Fi is pathetically slow and was wondering what advice i can get on getting a new Router and how to seed it up

Also I’m having to restart my ADSL2 modem every day and I’m not sure if it’s my connection doing this or the modem. If i reboot it the speed stays at 4.5Mbs but if I leave it for about a day it will drop to about 3.2Mbs?

I would assume its just the router, but in case it isnt i recommend getting a cheap to mid tier router from walmart and if the problem persists you have the ablility to get a refund with in 15 days and go from there.

The two i recommend are below:

I I onlt use my phone on the WiFi but i want to beable to stream youtube from it to my apple TV but the fastest i can get on it is about 300Kbs when i have a 4.5Mbs connection and i have 100% reception

i have been told the DIR 600 is a hunk of junk so im after a fail save fast as FxxK router, most ill pay is 250 but then agen is my modem also being a bitch to me as well? it wioll never hold its Speed for more then 6 hours. not sure if my ISP is playing tricks on me but my Noise margin is about 5db so i should be getting a pritty good connection right?

wifi is usually pretty slow compared to wired. I get 300mbps avg on wired, but still only 25-30 wireless

So whats a kick ass router that i can spend over 150 buck and not getting riped off?

linksys makes decent routers