Need quick advice of build help i just order all the parts from that build. after i ordered the gpu from superbiiz, they told me it was out of stock. They gave me the option to cancel my order or wait till april 23rd when they are receiving a shipment. I would like to know it i should wait till the 23rd or cancel and order  . also, what seperates that video card from this one and is the first link compatiable with my build. thanks

The cheaper one is a older version. The one you ordered is a new updated version and some people are getting them with the 7970 PCB which has a 6+8 Pin power interface which is better for overclocking. You're gonna be waiting regardless if you order this one from newegg cause its also sold out. And yes is is compatible with your build. 

Well for 10 dollars more, you get a few games with GPU, unless you allready own those games, thats a great deal! Cancel the order, or swap the GPU out, its its possible. You propably still wont get your parts till april 23 anyway.