Need professional guidance for small business server build

Need some professional guidance on building out a server for small social media app platform hosted on my business’ static IP

What kind of guidance?

I have general idea of what I want and need. But not sure which cpu/ mobo platform to choose. Intel or AMD? And which generation? I’ve been looking at old Broadwell stock but wonder if newer would be better.

I am starting small, serving a few hundred clients (text, images and videos) and will expect gradual growth slowly. But my target initial storage capacity is 100TB or so. I plan weekly back ups.

Starting out, I will also have my own static IP (starting out at 250ish mb/s). I will be running the server behind a SonicWall firewall.

Have you looked into cloud provider options? This seems like a textbook case for using AWS or Azure.


AWS and Azure - HECK NO! I do not want to use a cloud provider as I am building my own thing and providing a specific package to clients.

That said, I’ve looked at this unit from SuperMicro:

AS -2024S-TR

I am wondering if anyone has any experience with such a system (or similar)? And if so, what specs did you run with certain workloads/daily users.


Don’t have to be big cloud providers, but you need to look into renting a server, or at the very least colocation.

What do you do when your power goes down? Do you have UPSes? How long will they last? Can you switchover to a generator? What do you do when power to the block is off? When your ISP is down? When a heatwave hits and your servers overheat? I highly suggest you read this Twitter thread: Thread by @MosquitoCapital on Thread Reader App – Thread Reader App

There’s a gazillion of factors you need to consider when hosting stuff which needs to be available pretty much all the time. And once you do consider them it turns out that it’s just really, really not cost-effective to host your own stuff.