Need PC Build Help!

Hey there guys


It's my birthday on Wednesday, and I will be getting enough to Build a PC! Woop! I have about £200 saved up at the moment, and I am getting money from everyone, so I'd estimate a grand total of £350 - 500. 500 would be at a push though. Can I have a few reccomended builds? I mainly want it for gaming, maybe a tiny bit of multitasking but nothing that I would need a specialised system for. I also plan to possibly set up a youtube channel, but that will be so far in the future that I would probably just upgrade later. Also, I know Black Friday is coming up, so what should I do about that?

Also, I am not getting any money for Xmas, I already know that. Therefore, I am thinking of using my current mouse that could be improved and getting a crappy keyboard, So would that be a good idea? Therefore I can get the stuff I want for christmas. Although, It is a month with crappy keyboard and mouse.


By the way, This is my current accessories:

Fireglider Mouse

Turtlebeach X12s

I am going to get:

Anker 8000DPI Gaming Mouse

Perixx PX-1000 Gaming Keyboard


Thanks for any builds, I have never experienced great graphics before so I'd love to get a good card, but given by relitively low budget, I am fine with being able to run almost any games at over 60fps on medium graphics. Thanks for any help.


Oh, I need an OS too. I am thinking Windows 7 Key, are they safe?

Honestly, This section is useless. I never get any responses. 

Some people have lives, ya know.  People unlike me.  We don't get paid to be here for your 24/7 support and tech counselor.

350- <500 is already quite a limited budget.  Stick with your current mouse, and pick up a cheap keyboard.  Don't bother to pick up any "gaming" keyboards unless you need macros or something.  I always pick up the cheapest keyboards, or go high end and purchase mechanical ones.

For windows 7, you could always torrent that and save quite a chunk of money.  Black Friday is always a nice time to pick up parts.  You have to be quick, though, both online and in store.

Went a little bit over with the OS :(.