Need opinions on my build

hi every one i wana build a new rig and just need some opinion on it and if there is any thing u guys would change, this is a list of hardware am looking at:

motherboard: asrock z77 extream4 or extream6

cpu: intel 3570k cpu 

RAM: G.skils ripjawsx 16gb 1866MHz

HDD :kingston hyperx 240gb

GPU: hd 7870 or hd 7950 or gtx 670

i need some help with the mother board cant make up my mind on which of the two and the gpu as well i like the 7950 make need some opinion on it. 

thanks guys 

I need to know 6 things
1. How much is your Max budget
2. What case do you already have
3. What power supply do you already have
4. What country do you live in
5. Do you plan on overclocking
6. What are you going to be using it for

hi the case am looking at is coolermaster hf x

i have a tagan 900w psu

my budget is £1200

i dont plan to OC and i live in London 

Okay is scan.UK or overclockers.UK alright for venders or do you have a nearby walking store that has a price catalog online

I'be never heard of that psu before, but you won't even use 550w of it so it should be okay if not its only like 50 for a qaulity one

If you're absolutely sure you're not going to overclock you can save some money. And within 1200£ you can get this


MSI Lightning 7970 (comes with 3 games):

B75 Asus motherboard, has everything you need:

256GB SSD:

2x8GB RAM:

I'm not sure if you had the case already but it fits into budget if you didn't, all above lands on 928£

Might add though that if you don't do any kind of rendering, processing or other heavy workload that takes advantage of the i7 you might aswell save some more and get the i5-3570 (non "k" still since you're not overclocking).

thanks alot will look at the list more in depth, but yeh am not a big fan of over clocking