Need opinions on my build

I messed up putting this in here is the correct format:


MY... EYES!!!!

Um, just glancing at it, XCLIO PSUs are not good, and I've never had anything but trouble with ADATA memory. Might you consider the following build:

Will handily out perform the system you listed and is made from better components. But does cost a bit extra. 

Thank you I was looking for a six core phenom but couldn't find one. Its still in the same price range aswell. Thank you.


Not a problem. 

Just as a side note, this site isn't a fan on break lines and instead wants a full strike of the enter key, which is likely the reason your format came out so oddly. 

what's your budget and what do you want to use it for?



+"Um, just glancing at it, XCLIO PSUs are not good"

And why are the Xclio powersupplies not good? At least the unit TC had in his original build is the same OEM as several units from the Corsair TX series (CWT). The Xclio Greatpower series has even been recommended on sites like Jonnyguru.

I'm not saying there aren't better options, but a fairly unknown brand doesn't equal bad. In fact many times it's just cheaper because the product comes with a shorter warranty.

To be fair, I was basing that statement simply off of many other users I've read, the statement was more or less hearsay. All the same, the XFX one I recommended is better in pretty much every way, generally I'll recommend brands that have a longer warrenty as its usually a decent indication that they back the products they make (XFX 5 year warrenty vs XCLIO 1 year warrent) and brands that generally score high with review sites.

The X14S4 XClio models were good... in 2006. They've been discontinued for some time now so I'd avoid. Get a Seasonic M12II. Newegg has the 520 watt on sale for $70. The XFX Core also has a lot of good reviews and is cheap.

Thanks for all the help every body! I've updated my build now with everyones help (btw its for gaming) leave your opinion ion this one please!




So the budget is 650

It would be a good idea to get a beefier motherboard if you plan on overclocking your cpu. Other than that it's a solid build. 

not thinking about overclocking and the budget is 700


Alright cool, I'll make sweet build when I get home, on my phone right now

Ok thanks!

case has USB 3.0 and the CPU is faster for games.

what you think?

um the budget is 700, not 1900