Need opinions on Diablo III & RoS

I recently built my first gaming pc (yay!) and one game that I always wanted to play was Diablo III. However I was pretty dissuaded from picking it up right away because of the complaints ranging from the AH, RMAH, the loot system, always online, etc etc etc. But with the announcement of RoS a while back, I've heard that Reaper of Souls will be a major reworking and improvement over the core experience of Diablo III. I was just wanting to see from anyone who has more knowledge than me, (or by miracle anyone who has played the beta) should I go buy Diablo III now and pre-purchase RoS, or will the game still be lackluster enough to where I wouldn't enjoy it. Even after RoS and it's hopeful improvements to the game. Keep in mind I'm a noob to the Diablo franchise, but i've played many a ARPG before. Thoughts?

I feel this is a very hard question to answer as it comes down to personal opinion as well as how well the changes to the game with RoS will turn out to be.

Personally i am a massive fan of the franchise pre D3 and LoD is properly the game i played the second most in my life.  I even still return to the game every now and then, unfortunately only to discover how broken the game is by bots, hacks and so forth. LoD is the girlfriend you breakup with but never fully stop loving, at least it is for me. This been said i did not expect much of D3, as i already knew how hard it would be for the game to step up to its predecessors. So i wasn't as disappointed by D3 as many other where, however i still wouldn't recommend the game to anyone how played and loved D2.

To someone new to the franchise like you, i am not quite sure what to say. You are properly more open minded to the D3 experience then i and i wouldn't call the game completely horrible at its current state. So why not start by playing the free starter edition and have look at the game. If this proves to be a fun experience for you, i believe investing in the game and maybe even the upcoming expansion will not be a bad call. I do have some faith in the game and eventually it just might reach the level of fun a great game should be at. 


Go download Path Of Exile. 10X better in my opinion and ive played both. POE gives you a ton of freedom to be what you want and it feels more mature in my opinion. And its free to play so there's no reason not to.

I'll definitely have to download the starter edition soon to try it out and see if waiting for RoS is worth it. Thanks for the reply!

I tried Path of Exile for a little bit and it just didn't really click for me. I'll have to give it another go around. Thanks for the suggestion!