Need Opinions on $900 Part List

I have decided I no longer want a laptop because I don't bring it anywhere anyway, and I want to upgrade. I have $900 and I need suggestions. I plan on doing slight overclocking and I want to run most games on high settings. This is the first PC I will ever be building and I'm not familiar with the quality of specific brands or anything like that. I made a list on PC Part Picker and all the parts are apparently compatible. I chose a higher wattage power supply so it could be more quiet. I use voice chat a lot and I don't huge amounts of noise over the call for the other person. I plan on buying in October-ish and it seems like prices are lower then so it works out.

The List:

Since you aren't buying until October, it's better to just ask again around then since new parts will be out.

As for your parts, everything looks pretty good. I don't recommend Cooler Master PSUs in general, although they do have some good units. Seasonic, Corsair (AX and TX series), and XFX are good manufacturers.

Alright, well I just wanted some place to start. Originally, I had selected an EVGA PSU but apparently it dies in about a year and a half. The PSU I chose currently actually has very good reviews and is apparently reliable. I will look at some others though. Thanks for the quick reply.