Need Opinions on 2 Mechanical Keyboards

So, I really want to make the transition to mechanical switches and after some thorough lookin' around I came to 2 options, both being red switches as they seem the right switch for me.

Func KB-460


Corsair K70 Cherry Red


I own the func ms3 r2 and I love it so i trust the brand already, I'm leaning towards that, but I was also fond of corsair's construction and design. So tell me which I should dooooo?

you linked the same thing twice, but I personally like func's keyboard better, due to the good wrist rest and other thing's. Teksyndicate has video's on both of these keyboard's 

Func Kb460:


Corsair IMO is one of the best mainstream keyboards.  It has the media function keys, and custom lighting patterns.  Real great keyboard.  The Func is more boutique and more oriented towards enthusiast more so than Corsair.  At the end they both use the same MX switches, so i would say go for the one that you would prefer aesthetically(computer theme, lighting colors, etc.).  You can't really go wrong.

don't go for red or black switches, they lack feeling.

K70 with browns or blues is a good choice for a GAYMING KEYBOARD but I would honestly get a ducky poker etc no bs keyboard but thats just me