Need opinions about laptop (integrated vs dedicated gpu)

Hi Tek!

I'm looking for a new laptop and I would like some opinions just to kind of push me in the right way.
The main reason I'm asking this here is because I have almost no experience with mobile graphics or laptops in general.

So the main question would be: Is integrated graphics enough or do i need dedicated gpu so the laptop would run smoothly?
Maybe some of you have experience with dedicated GPU, others with integrated. What are the cons, pros, what makes you angry or happy about the experience etc.

I'm not looking for hardcore gaming, but for a smooth 1080p experience watching movies, programming (IDE's to run smoothly) and such.

Any feedback is very appreciated! :)

Integrated is fine for 1080p video playback.

An integrated GPU should be totally fine, especially if it's one of the better ones (HD5000 from Intel or so). You have nothing to worry about with integrated AMD GPUs.

Thank you for the clarifications! :)
I am going to get a laptop with integrated graphics.